New products address high power markets

Pooling engineering resources will extend into new product sectors, explains Powerstax CEO Tim Worley

Power solutions supplier, Powerstax, is acquiring DP Energy Services, a specialist in transformer rectifier and transformer manufacture. The acquisition, which expands the company’s product range, will also help Powerstax address higher power sectors and ‘greener’ markets.

With its focus on automatic transformer rectifier systems up to 500kVA and beyond, DP Energy serves a number of markets, including marine, offshore, water treatment, medical, aerospace and military equipment. Its products are typically thyristor controlled with switch-mode technology available for smaller systems and experience in creating systems for harsh and hazardous environments.

CEO for Powerstax, Tim Worley, commented: “We have a long standing relationship with DP Energy and have worked together on a number of projects. The acquisition is part of a strategy to develop new markets and widen our technology base. Pooling engineering resources will help develop current products and extend the technology into exciting new product sectors.”

Design and manufacture of DP Energy products under the Drake brand will continue to take place in the existing facility and customer-site repair or refurbishment will still be available.