Get a bigger basket

With over 120 new products and a joint shopping basket that enables shopping across family websites, Beta Layout’s new e-store is designed for ease of use

Structured primarily for ease of use, the Beta  e-store helps users develop, assemble and solder their design. The redesigned site now features Arduino boards, as well as incorporating over 120 new products in a format which is said to make it easier than ever to find and order product.

The Reflow-Kit shop, for example, proved so popular with customers that it had to be expanded. Now, in addition to the company’s best-selling reflow kit and controller, the site features new products added to the RFID hardware range. To help customers develop and hack new ideas and products, Beta Layout has also increased its array of SMD and PTH kits.

Other exciting additions include the Arduino range and new development modules, not to mention new sensor, shield, display and brick modules.

An improved search engine helps make the shopping experience easier and faster. Furthermore, a new joint shopping basket allows customers to shop across different family websites. These include: for prototype PCBs; for laser stencils; for prototype front panels; for prototype 3D models of any design; and finally, the company’s bigger and better e-store.

Over its 20 year history, Beta Layout claims to have helped over 28,000 customers realise their idea. With the e-store it hopes to continue and strengthen that tradition.