Take a peek at PCB visualisation tool

Get PCB designs into production faster using Eurocircuits’ new added-value PCB Visualizer service. As soon as data is uploaded his onto the Eurocircuits website, the service presents an interactive image of the PCB, layer by layer and generates a summary manufacturability report. Users can immediately verify that the CAD output matches the intended design and confirm that order and data match. If there are issues, they can be resolved immediately, without waiting for Eurocircuits’ front-end engineers to raise an exception.

The manufacturability report has three components. PCB Visualizer checks that the data files, board size and number of layers match the order and that the board’s production parameters, such as minimum track and isolation and annular rings, fit within the chosen Eurocircuits service. At the same time it checks the relative copper density across the PCB, to help achieve an even plating across the board.