Choose a supplier with ‘can do’ appeal

A ‘can do’ approach means Daniel Josefsson is able to tailor its service package to meet any requirements

PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing service provider, Daniel Josefsson (DJ), has been assisting customers with innovative electronics manufacturing solutions for over 10 years. As a result of its efforts, the company has been helping to bring manufacturing back to the UK.

According to DJ, the actual benefits of outsourcing manufacturing offshore nowadays can be marginal, particularly for those seeking control, good communication and high quality product. With this in mind, many companies are now starting to review their offshore strategy to see if there really is an advantage in overseas production. In fact, DJ continues to see new business where customers can no longer justify sending production overseas due to cost increases such as raw materials, workforce or delivery.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy team is paramount to successful UK manufacture. The DJ team prides itself on being versatile, good communicators, well equipped to provide immediate assistance and the company ethos is to go the extra mile to ensure customer requirements are fulfilled to a high standard.

Testament to this ‘can do’ approach, DJ has not stood still despite a few challenging years in the industry, which have contributed to longer lead times and increased electronic component counterfeiting. In line with its desire to exceed customer expectations, DJ has recently tailored its service, using customer feedback to further adapt to customer needs.

Tailor-made service

Low to medium volume production runs at competitive prices: whether you require a pre-production run, 50, 500 or 1,000 boards a month, DJ will provide quantities to fit any production schedule to provide a consistent, efficient cost effective manufacturing service.

Manufactured in the UK: over the last six months, DJ’s on time delivery rate was 98.89 per cent. Not only that, 63.20 per cent of the products were delivered early, which gives customers confidence that they can hit or beat product to market time-scales.

One year quality guarantee: DJ’s one year quality guarantee is designed to inspire confidence with every delivery. This is backed by rigorous end product inspection and testing, which when analysed revealed an returned materials authorisation (RMA) rate of less than 0.03 per cent of all lines assembled.

Worldwide component sourcing and purchasing team: over the last twelve months, 96.44 per cent of DJ customers experienced no component lead time issues, which highlights DJ’s efforts to go the ‘extra mile’ to get the components needed to manufacture on time and on budget.

Personal dedicated account managers: personal account managers are just a phone call away and can also be with customers in 24 hours, providing answers to urgent questions straight away.

Shining example

Testament to these efforts, one of DJ’s customers, has commented on the quality of the products and services it received. The power supply manufacturer explained: “The new batch of ten samples could be classified as ‘pristine’ when tested using the evaluation methods available. Visually, the solder was of textbook quality. The flow looked even, no rework was apparent, the glossiness was as good as one could expect from no lead solder and I saw no defects in any connection. I saw no damage, not even minor blemishes, on any part. All modules passed calibration and subsequent performance tests. The vendor appears to be a good choice for ensuring we produce quality products.”

To see DJ’s services in action or to view the company’s production lines, it is possible to book an appointment, or alternatively visit DJ’s website to watch an online video tour.