Putting quality first

Esprit Electronics continues to invest with a new AOI system, capable of handling complex inspection tasks

Following the successful installation of a new I-Pulse M6EX surface mount line, as featured in Electronics Sourcing last year, Esprit Electronics has continued its program of investment with the acquisition of a new Mirtec MV-3L desktop automatic optical inspection line. The set up is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK at the time of commissioning.

The Mirtec MV-3L boasts an impressive specification, including ten mega pixel digital colour camera technology and 9.8µm pixel resolution. Most importantly, as Esprit finds itself manufacturing ever more complicated assemblies, it also features an optional up-grade Intelli-Beam laser inspection system.

Technical director at Esprit, Lee Holloway, explained: “The Intelli-Beam laser inspection system gives us a valuable Z-height measurement capability for our ball grid array and chip scale package products enabling us to assess co-planarity and ball collapse and providing an additional layer of process measurement and control.”

Although a significant investment, this acquisition represents just one of a number of intended capital equipment additions and manufacturing facility up-grades planned by Esprit over the next 12 months. This is intended to further strengthen Esprit’s position and growing reputation as one of the UK’s leading providers of electronic manufacturing services.