New 2” x 4” 150W AC/DC Power Supply from Power Partners

The Power Partners PPWA150B Series of AC/DC power supplies provide up to 150W of output power in a compact 2” x 4” footprint, achieving a power density of 18.75W/in3. They are RoHS compliant, meet EN60950-1 and FCC Class B emissions limits, and are approved to UL, CSA, and European safety standards.

The PPWA150B Series feature active power factor correction and operate from a universal 90-264VAC input. Single output voltages range from 12VDC to 48VDC. Mechanical offerings are a choice of a U-channel or open frame style.

This Series features 3000VAC input-output isolation. Comprehensive protection circuitry, including overvoltage and short circuit protection, is inherent in the design. These highly efficient supplies have an MTBF of >100,000 hours at full load.

Power Partners’ PPWA150B AC/DC power supplies are well suited for wide variety of applications, such as test and measurement, communications, and peripherals. Some modifications to standard designs are can be considered Units are economically priced at less than $44.00 in OEM quantity, with delivery from stock to 12 weeks ARO. Full specifications are available on-line at or contact our Sales/Technical Group at or at 978-567-9600.