Versatile LBX and TAC desktop cases

The LBX case, , from Verotec is a versatile desktop case. Designed around horizontally mounted PCBs, a wide range of accessories such as DIN41612 connector carriers, front panels, chassis plates and clip-in guides enable different configurations of PCB and other equipment to be housed using combinations of standard parts.

As standard, the LBX is sized to accept 3U and 6U boards, either 160 or 220mm deep. Its height corresponds to standard 4, 6, 12 or 24HP front panels. The connector carriers interconnect up to four PCBs on a 3HP pitch; in the 24HP version, two carriers can be installed to enable 160 and 220mm deep boards to be mixed. Front panels can be mounted directly into the LBX and retained either by using normal 2.5mm subrack screws or, by reversing the corner mouldings, captured in slots for a cleaner appearance. The units are fabricated from steel, finished in epoxy powder grey paint.

The Total Access Case,, is designed for applications where a stylish enclosure with good all-round access is required. Available in five sizes from 205 x 260 x 70mm to 430 x 260 x 100mm, TAC is manufactured from steel for strength and rigidity. The front and rear panels and the internal side members form a chassis that enables assembly and test to be undertaken before fitting the top and bottom covers. When used as an instrument enclosure, the tilt feet allow the viewing angle to be conveniently adjusted. Concealed front panel fixings give a clean appearance to the unit, and the side securing screws are fitted with large heads as a styling feature.

Chassis plates, universal mounting kits and clip-in guides enable users to mount a wide range of components or circuit boards into the case. Depending on the height of the unit, up to six PCBs can be horizontally mounted.