CISSOID and Future Electronics announce a global distribution agreement

CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions and FUTURE ELECTRONICS, the world-class distributor of semiconductors and electronic components announced today the signing of a global distribution agreement, which will enable FUTURE to address the growing market of high-temperature and high-reliability electronics with CISSOID products. FUTURE will distribute CISSOID integrated circuits and discrete components in EMEA, theAmericas, and in some selected Far-East countries likeIndia.

Lucy Pinho, Director of Product Marketing at FUTURE ELECTRONICS declared: “We are seeing a growing demand for higher temperature and higher reliability semiconductors in a number of key markets such as industrial and automotive, where the traditional components no longer meet the technical requirements of our customers. CISSOID portfolio of products, their roadmap and vision, and their recognition in the field as the leader for ultimate reliability and extreme environment solutions make CISSOID a partner and supplier of choice for FUTURE”.

“As the pioneer of the high-temperature semiconductor market since 2000, we are seeing now an explosion of the demand in a number of segments that required us to change gear with a world-class distributor and strengthen our presence and our supply-chain fulfilment channels. We are delighted to see FUTURE sharing our vision and now supporting our products, and are expecting their in-depth market and sales expertise to accelerate our growth” said Tony Denayer, CEO at CISSOID.

CISSOID offers analog and mixed signal integrated circuits guaranteed for normal operation in the temperature range -55°C to 225°C, along 3 main axes: 

        Power management, with voltage regulators and solutions for DC-DC converters,

        Driver solutions, with power driver ICs and isolated gate drivers solutions; this range of products is especially dedicated to the newest generation of power switches in SiC and GaN, enabling dramatic increase of the system power density which is a key differentiator for power applications and a technological trend,

        Signal conditioning and general purpose ICs for sensors and electronics systems that can now be placed in hot environments up to 225°C and possibly above. This includes voltage references, clock generators & timers, analog-to-digital converters, amplifiers, power switches, MOSFET transistors, and diodes.

CISSOID integrated circuits uniquely enable energy, weight and cost savings in lighter, cooling-free and more compact electronic systems. They are used in mission-critical systems as well as in extreme or standard environment applications that require longest-term reliability. CISSOID supplies leaders in the Oil and Gas, Aeronautics, Industrial and Automotive markets.

All standard products from CISSOID will be available from FUTURE, with the most popular CISSOID components available off-the-shelf starting in October 2012. More information about CISSOID products and FUTURE sales locations and contacts can be found on and