OKWs service centre offers bespoke plastic enclosures

OKW is widely known as a trendsetter in the market for design-oriented and ergonomic standard plastic enclosures. Today, the company continues to create new enclosures that differ from the norm – whether in their appearance, their technology, in the use of new materials or in their high-grade quality.

However, in order to meet ever more exacting customer requirements, the standard enclosures can now be modified at OKW’s dedicated SERVICE-CENTER. This offers a whole range of processing options including CNC machining, painting, EMC coating, water transfer printing, chromium finishes, printing, picking and packing, graphic overlays/membrane keyboards, and production in special colours and materials.

However, it is not always possible to meet all of the requirements with a standard enclosure. For such eventualities, OKW now offers its customers the option of creating their own individual housing solution – from the development phase to series-type production.

Depending on the requirements, a choice of many different manufacturing processes is available. With OKW’s 3-D UV printer, prototypes and small series of up to 50 units can be produced quickly and at a reasonable price.

For pilot and small series, the vacuum casting process is also available. Depending on requirements, series of up to 500 pieces can be produced using milling, bending or deep drawing technology. It is also possible to combine custom enclosure components with standard parts from the OKW range – a very cost effective solution.

For series-type production of up to 50,000 units, OKW offers two solutions: Tool inserts in the standard enclosures (e.g. for individual cutouts), or tool inserts for customer designs which are then inserted in OKW‘s own basic moulds.

Besides the processes described above, it is of course also possible to produce tool moulds for quantities of up to 250,000 units (and more).

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