CFast-Card: High performance combined with small form factor

EXCEEMO’s CFast cards integrate the rapid, more stable SATA interface into the existing CF card form factor, providing improved performance and extended application options for embedded systems.

EXCEEMOs CFast memory cards represent an attractive, alternative solution for industrial applications particularly where the advantages of extremely fast and energy saving SSD combined with miniaturized dimensions are required. Providing improved speed and more stable portability, the EXCEEMO CFast cards are developed to perform like SSDs, and as such are highly capable when used as bootable drives. These storage media provide highly impressive data transfer rates of up to 70 MB/s featuring at the same time very low energy consumption. Equipped with the most reliable Single- and Multi-Level-Cell-Flash chips, the CFast cards are available in commercial (0°C up to 70°C) and in industrial (-40°C bis 85°C) operating temperature ranges. Additionally, they are conforming with CFast specifications 1.1 as well as support the SATA- and CFast- power saving modes. A further advantage of this outstanding storage medium is a fixed bill of materials (Fixed BOM). The standard feature ensures that a customer purchases continually the same memory product with the same components. That contributes to significant cost savings with respect to necessary further testing of different delivery lots. Offered in different capacities from 4GB to 64GB with the warrantee period of 30 years, the EXCEEMO CFast cards are ideal storage solutions for industrial clients who place a high value on fast data transfer speed, compact size and long-term reliability.

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