EMI and RFI suppressing ferrite cable cores now available from Rapid Electronics

Rapid Electronics has introduced six new lines of split EMI suppression ferrite cable cores from Meisongbei, designed for use in retrofit and post-assembly equipment.

The cylindrical split ferrite cable cores are designed to significantly reduce common and differential mode EMI/RFI for round cables or cable assemblies. The hinged plastic case surrounding the split core is designed to clamp onto the cable to provide a secure fixture of the ferrite onto the cable. The products can be retrofitted onto existing installations or used in post-assembly operations on the internal and external data and power cable assemblies of electronic equipment.

The cable cores are available in a range of sizes and impedance values, with diameters ranging from 3mm to 13mm. Impedance values range from 50? and 95? at 25MHz and 100MHz for 3mm cores to 50? and 130? at 25MHz and 100MHz for 13mm. Ferrite cores are important for ensuring strong electronic signals through cables in environments where EMI or RFI can be an issue. The devices function in operating temperatures between -25°C and +105°C.

Richard Abbott, product manager at Rapid Electronics, said: ‘I am delighted to be introducing the Meisongbei range of ferrite cable cores to Rapid. EMI and RFI is a significant factor in cable performance so the fact that these high quality products have been specifically designed to reduce common and differential mode interference makes them incredibly useful.

‘Customers in industry and in home electronics will benefit from the easy and fast installation as well as the competitive pricing. I look forward to making more introductions from the Meisongbei range of magnetic components soon.’

Up to +100 price breaks are available across the new lines and discounts are possible on bulk orders. Technical specifications and datasheets for individual products are available on the Rapid website.