Boost the power of your smart meter with Nesscap ultracapacitors

Smart meters are constantly evolving, and in order to meet the increasing demands of additional data collection such as tamper, leak detection, low battery, reverse flow and the option to control the meters remotely, power has become an important parameter. Nesscap ultracapacitors, distributed by Easby Electronics, can provide the additional short-term power to optimise the overall system.

As proven energy storage devices, ultracapacitors can replace conventional capacitors or batteries in applications that require significantly more energy than conventional capacitors can provide. Nesscap ultracapacitors provide additional support in a wide range of applications such as water meters, which record data used to profile energy use, monitor flow, forecast demand, demand response, record rate of flow, detect leaks, water and energy conservation enforcement and even remote shut down of supply. Generally the battery, as the sole energy source, is not able to deliver the power required over its lifetime.  Nesscap’s ESHSR range of 3F and 5F 2.7v cells and the EMHSR 1.5F and 2.5F 5v modules are a highly cost effective way of resolving these power issues. The 3F cell measures 8d x 20l mm, the 5F cell 10d x 20l and the 1.5F module 9.5d x 23l x 17.5w and the 2.5F module 12d x 23l x 21.5w.

These ultracapacitors have an operational life of a minimum of 500k cycles or 10 years, or longer with voltage/temperature de-rating.  Each ultracapacitor has an operational temperature range of -45°C to +65°C , and they are easy to mount by automatic insertion machines.  With up to 10 times the power of standard lithium batteries, ultracapacitors carry no memory effects, cannot be over-discharged and can be held at any voltage at or below their rating.  In addition, by keeping the ultracapacitors within a specified operating temperature and voltage range, they can be maintenance free.

The challenge of battery-powered units is to limit the voltage drop by:

  • Eliminating/reducing the power pulses that reduce the battery life by  providing power for peak power data transmission
  • Keep secure critical information and functions during dips, sags and power outages
  • Reduce the voltage drop, which would substantially reduce the battery life by connecting ultracapacitors in parallel with the battery. This can increase the battery lifetime
  • Supporting the Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) during cold weather operations
  • Reducing battery maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing costs

“By using Nesscap’s ultracapacitors, smart meters can ensure that these challenges are overcome’, commented Trisha Kirkham, Product Manager at Easby Electronics.  “The ultracapacitors from Nesscap are a smart design option fit for a smart meter, and can ensure that power is available to meet the increasing demands of a battery powered unit, such as a meter”.

Easby Electronics is the UK’s sole distributor for Nesscap ultracapacitors.  For more information call (+44) 1748 850555 or visit