FCI adds CXP connection option to the XLerate series of active optical cables

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, has developed a CXP-to-CXP 12X connection option to complement its line of XLerate™ -12X Series active optical cable assemblies. The twelve-channel cable assemblies support signal transmission rates up to 12.5Gb/s per channel, delivering an aggregate bandwidth of 150Gb/s and a throughput up to 55Gb/s per linear centimeter of panel length. The XLerate-12X Series CXP interface supports IEEE802.3ba and Infiniband industry standards.

The XLerate-12X CXP-to-CXP active optical cables are ideal for high-density signal transmission seen in critical operations within high-performance computing applications and data centers. The active optical cables are available in lengths of up to 100 meters and the hot pluggable cable connector interface allows for easy installation. The Optical Fiber Non-Conductive Plenum (OFNP) cable is fire-resistant and its helix construction allows for easy cable routing and bending within and in between cabinets. FCI offers these CXP-to-CXP active optical cables with a number of options, such as input equalization and angled cable exits.

“The XLerate-12X Series CXP connector solution offers the highest channel density per linear board inch on the market. In addition, the CXP interface provides the lowest power consumption per Gb of bandwidth, making it the most logical choice for use in next generation computing and switching equipment” said Rob Poort, General Manager Optical Solutions Group at FCI.

FCI offers a complete portfolio of active optical cables and transceivers, as well as passive copper elements.

For additional information about FCI’s XLerate™ High Speed I/O Solutions, please visit the dedicated microsite,, for details about their broad range of interconnect solutions.