Low cost fixed radial ferrite inductors available from Total Frequency Control

Supplied by Total Frequency Control the   radial inductors provide compact high value inductance. The use of high performance ferrite material results in high Q components from 1µH ~ 150milli H. A unique lead to winding construction method provides excellent mechanical strength and the product is epoxy coated for maximum protection against humidity and may additionally be sleeved to customers order.

Operating temperature range of (-20 +100)°C, based on max., ambient temperature rating at +80°C and max temperature rise of +20°C during operation. Possible applications are endless including TV and audio equipment, telecommunication devices, personal computers, switching power supplies and noise filters, commercial and military.

Edward Mills; Technical Director at Total frequency Control says: “Whilst SMD power inductors have replaced many volume applications for this product type there remains substantial demand for custom values and the use of specific ferrite materials which cannot be supplied from the volume SMD power manufacturers.”