Screwless plugs take the strain

No screwdriver means no variation in connection strength across the terminal. The result: Hitaltech screwless plugs and sockets are ideal for high vibration applications

A range of screwless plugs and mating sockets are available from Hitaltech to suit varying applications. Crucially, the screw clamp mechanism removes the need for a screw driver, resulting in a uniform connection across each terminal. This is ideally suited to applications where vibration occurs.

From Hitaltech’s Conex-it range, for example, the HSFA range is available on a 2.5, 3.5 and 3.81mm pitch from two to 24 poles. The HSFA/HMSA products are supplied in green as standard but can be supplied in black, blue, grey and other colours on request.

The HSFA and mating HMSA header can also both be supplied with a locking screw flange to ensure a secure connection in applications subjected to high vibration.

Specifications include 4A, 150V to 8A, 300V, with an operating temperature of -40 to 115ºC. Furthermore, all Conex-it products are UL rated.

For applications with space restrictions, a low profile screwless plug is available. Like the HSFA, the low profile HSFE also mates with the HMSA header and can be supplied with locking screw flange from two to 24 poles. This low profile screwless plug is also compatible with the dual row PCB mounting HMSD header.

The HMSA PCB mounting headers are available in both vertical and horizontal orientation on a 2.5, 3.5 and 3.81mm pitch from two to 24 poles.

Technical datasheets for the full range can be found online.