Miniature Frequency Synthesisers newly arrived at AtlanTecRF

The new range of single phase-locked loop Frequency Synthesisers from AtlanTecRF exhibit excellent performance in terms of electrical specification and versatility. Their miniature size ensures they are highly suitable for many applications in communications, radar and test instrumentation.

With fundamental output frequencies up to 12.5 GHz and multiplied output frequencies to 25 GHz the individual unit frequency coverage is very wide and achieves from half to double octave or greater in a single synthesiser. Spectral purity is also a key feature with low phase noise, harmonics and spurious.

With control via a choice of either RS485 or Ethernet, each unit can be taken through its frequency range in 1 KHz steps with 5mS switching speed. An optional mBed control board is available to provide a virtual control panel for remote internet operation which is often essential in hot test applications. The non-volatile memory ensures continued operation in the absence of control code updates.

In addition to output frequency range, these synthesisers include the choice of internal or external reference with all the benefits this brings in terms of system frequency stability and input power is taken from a +5 V DC supply. Typically at 10 GHz and 10 KHz offset the phase noise is -90dBc/Hz and spurious levels are down at -60dBc, while output VSWR is 1.5:1. RF output power is +13dBm and the current draw for the 5V input is 650mA.

Geoff Burling, CEO of AtlanTecRF said, “These Miniature Synthesisers do really signify an important realisation of sought-after versatility in communications and test systems with high affordability, excellent performance and, in many cases, stock delivery”.

The lightweight aluminium housing size is just 2.5 inches (63.5mm) square and 0.63 inches (16mm) deep and has SMA female input and output RF connectors with DC and control via a BD 9. The operating temperature range is from -10C to +70C.

The full datasheet for the Miniature Frequency Synthesisers datasheet is available.