Mouser stocking 3D MEMS sensors from Murata Electronics Oy

 High quality silicon capacitive sensors from the former VTI Technologies

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking robust, silicon capacitive 3D MEMS technology sensors from Murata Electronics Oy, formerly VTI Technologies, consisting of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and inclinometers.

Murata recently acquired VTI Technologies, a pioneer in 3D MEMS technology, and renamed it Murata Electronics Oy to make it an integral part of Murata. Murata is continually adding high quality, advanced technologies to its product lineup to maintain its reputation as an innovator.

Murata’s single-, dual-, and three-axis low-g accelerometers offer very good offset stability, inert gas damping, and digital and analog interface options, all the features ideal for harsh environmental conditions in automotive and industrial applications. Murata’s inclinometers are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments, as well as offering the best shock durability for machinery, transportation, and hand-held industrial devices. Murata’s industrial gyroscopes, utilizing 3D MEMS technology, offer near tactical grade performance through superior angular rate bias stability over temperature and time, and are key components in Murata’s popular combo sensors used in safety critical automotive and industrial applications. Murata’s Combo sensors bring together in one package, Murata’s 3-axis accelerometer and 1-axis gyro to achieve an accurate and rugged complete motion-sensing solution for safety critical applications like vehicle stability control and industrial applications like precision agriculture.

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