2Pro AC device delivers enhanced protection in a single component

Hybrid PPTC/MOV devices offer benefits over discrete solutions 

TE Circuit Protection, a business unit of TE Connectivity Ltd., introduces the 2Pro AC device, an innovative hybrid device that offers designers an integrated, resettable approach to protect sensitive downstream electronics against damage from overcurrent and overvoltage events. This new device combines a PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) device and a thermally enhanced MOV (metal-oxide varistor) into one package. As a result, it provides higher reliability, reduced component count and a faster, simpler design process compared to other AC-line protection solutions typically used in low-current applications such as LED lighting, smart meters, appliances and power supplies.

By integrating a resettable PPTC device with an MOV, the innovative hybrid configuration of the 2Pro AC device offers benefits over typical approaches currently used in low-current applications to help prevent thermal runaway. These include using an MOV with a fuse, which must be replaced when blown; placing the PPTC device and MOV next to each other on the board, which can lead to thermal instability and design complexity; or employing a thermal fuse integrated with an MOV, which is a one-use solution that trips without allowing resettability. In contrast, the 2Pro AC device has thermally coupled components, is resettable, and provides stability by maintaining a varistor surface temperature of less than 150ºC.

“Popular energy-efficient applications, like LED lighting, are vulnerable to potentially damaging surges caused by ‘dirty’ power and lightning,” said Weiqing Guo, TE Circuit Protection’s Global Product Manager. “The 2Pro AC device responds to this challenge by offering a PPTC/MOV hybrid device that provides a more reliable, easy-to-use, space-saving protection solution over existing discrete approaches.”

The 2Pro AC device can help manufacturers meet industry requirements, such as IEC61000-4-5 and IEC60950, and can help simplify UL60950 testing and compliance. It is also RoHS-compliant and halogen free.

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LVM2P-015R10431 : I hold = 150mA & 430V MOV
LVM2P-035R14431 : I hold = 350mA & 430V MOV
LVM2P-075R14431 : I hold = 750mA & 430V MOV

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