ARCOL’s new range of SMD resistors

ARCOL Resistors has introduced a new range of SMD resistors which have been uniquely designed to meet the needs of the ever-increasing power requirements of resistors in surface mount applications. At 10W the RWS10 is the highest-power SMD resistor on the market today. The RWS7 is rated at 7W.

The thermal design has been optimised to provide a greater heat-reduction efficiency, resulting in a lower surface temperature rise, when compared with other (lower power) SMD resistors on the market.

Additionally, the RWS resistors provide excellent overload characteristics with a surge capacity of up to 5 times rated power for 5 seconds, ±(0.5% + 0.5m?) ?R. Again this is better than any other SMD resistor currently available.

The RWS resistors also have excellent stability and TCR characteristics: ±90ppm/°C R1 – R99, ±50ppm/°C 1R – 10R, ±20ppm/°C > 10R. Low inductance is available. The operating temperature range is -55°C to +275°C and the maximum working voltage is (PxR) ½.

The new RWS Power Resistors are RoHS compliant and are designed for easy assembly. The Life specifications have been measured at a Test temperature of 70?C ±2?C, with a rated DC continuous working voltage applied, 1.5 hours on and 0.5 hours off for 1000 hours, ±(2.0% +0.5m?)?R.

The RWS series is available on short lead times – contact the ARCOL sales department for more details.