John Denslinger selected to lead ECIA as President & Chief Executive Officer

John Denslinger

ECIA is pleased to announce the selection of John Denslinger as President & CEO of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA).  John will assume his position beginning January 1 and guide ECIA through the final stages of combining ECA and NEDA into a single trade association for the electronic components industry.  Robin Gray will continue as the assoc
iation’s COO.

John Denslinger is a 40-year veteran of the electronic component industry, much of that time with Murata Electronics, one of the largest manufacturers of passive components in the world.  An industrial engineer by training, Mr. Denslinger has managed everything from manufacturing plants in Mexico, to sales and marketing.  Prior to retiring from Murata earlier this year, he was President of SyChip, Murata’s wireless solutions business, and before that, EVP of Sales and Marketing.

Since the mid 90’s, Mr. Denslinger has also been actively involved in a number of different industry trade associations.  He served 10 years on the EIA Board of Governors, 15 years on the board of ECA, six years on the EDS board, five years on the NEDA board, and most recently, two years on the board of the ECIA itself, much of that time occupying leadership positions on those boards of directors.  More recently, Mr. Denslinger was a principal agent in the formation of the ECIA from the two associations, ECA and NEDA, and as such served as the new association’s first Chairperson.

John Denslinger’s extensive industry experience and relationships, years spent working on the boards of various industry associations, and intimate knowledge of the global electronic component market place make him the ideal candidate to assume the mantle of leadership for the ECIA.

“John is one of the best known, most respected people I know in the industry and I am certain that the association members are going to be delighted that he is joining the staff of the ECIA”, said Michael Knight, SVP of TTI and current chairperson of the ECIA board of directors.  “He has both the serenity of Buddha and the passion of Patton, and blends the two in a way that makes him a cool head, a strong, inclusive leader, and a man with a vision of the industry that others readily see and embrace.  In short, he is made to order to lead our industry association.”

“The ECIA has accomplished a lot for the industry in a short period of time, and in these fast changing times in which we live, there is much more work for the association to do in fulfilling its mission to enhance the business environment for its members.  Partnered with Robin Gray and the rest of the ECIA staff, John Denslinger positions the ECIA very well to master that work and become an ever more significant contributor to the electronics industry.”