RTC Module in Miniature Package “C3”

C3RTC Module in Miniature Package “C3”

C3Micro Crystal has added a new, smaller package size to its Real Time Clock Modules product line portfolio.

The new C3 Package Real Time Clock Modules with embedded 32.768 kHz crystal are available either with integrated temperature compensation or as an ultra-low power consumption version. Both are the smallest RTC Modules of their kind currently available on the market.

Advantages C3 versus C2 Package:

  •  Price advantage
  • Smaller footprint (C3: 3.7×2.5×0.9 vs. C2 5.0×3.2×1.2)
  • Ultra low profile, 0.9 mm vs. 1.2 mm
  • Robust and compact HTCC ceramic package with metal vs. glass lid

Technical performance remains the same as with the C2 Package.

For the Temperature Compensated RTC Module:

  • Digitally compensated +/-3ppm @25°C
  • Temperature compensated +/-6ppm @ -40 to +85°C
  • Automotive qualified up to +125°C

For the Ultra-Low Power RTC Module:

  • Low power consumption 130nA @ 3VDD

Our Real Time Clock Modules are qualified according to AEC-Q200 Rev.C, RoHS compliant and 100% lead free.

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