DMC Projected Capacitive Touch Panels

touch_PcapDMC_bigDATA MODUL is now offering a full range of DMC PCAP (projected capacitive) touch panels from 5.7” to 32”.

With PCAP touch screens now widely used in the phone and tablet market the new range of DMC touch screens makes them suitable for the industrial applications that require stable product specification and lifespan.

The range is currently from 5.7″ to 32” with larger sizes in development and can be supplied with tailored USB and RS232 controllers complete with cables, and drivers for Windows and Linux based systems.

With 5H hardness the glass surface of the touch is robust and is ideal for direct input, although it is also possible to use the touch panel through an additional front glass of up to 5MM for single and multi-touch use.

Apart from the standard range of DMC PCAP products, custom PCAP touch screens can also be designed and produced to fit your requirement.