Hitaltech further increase the Conex-it range

Logo Conex-itHitaltech are pleased to announce the inclusion of Modular Jacks, RF Connectors and USB connectors to the increasing Conex-it range.

Modular Jacks

Hitaltech now offer an extensive range of RoHS compliant Modular Jacks for applications including Telecom, Data, Networking and Home entertainment.

They include single , multiport and double layered types in both shielded and unshielded versions , and those which include the option of LED’s and integral filtering.

Variants are available which are compatible with surface mount production techniques as well as those for conventional through hole technology.

RF Connectors

A range of RF connectors including miniature connectors having a 50 Ohm impedance and operating up to 6 GHz are now available from Hitaltech.

Applications are found in test and measurement, GPS and wireless communications.

SMA connectors with 50 Ohm impedance are high precision sub miniature devices designed for microwave applications up to 18 GHz. Reverse SMA connectors are also available.

SMB connectors are sub miniature devices designed for repeatable electrical performance up to 4GHz. The SMB connectors offer a simple open close snap-on coupling feature and have an impedance of 50 Ohms.

USB Connectors

Finally, Hitaltech have introduced an extensive range of USB connectors to the Conex-it range.

Type A is available as a right angle or top entry version and various multi port options including dual, triple, quad and mixed USB / RJ45.

USB 3.0 connector type A is available offering high speed specifications. Also available is the mini A type 4 pin SMT connector.

Type B connectors are offered in single port right angle and top entry versions, solder tail and SMT types may be specified. A mini B type 4 pin and Mini B type 5 pin SMT connector is also available.

Further information on all of these products from the Conex-it range is available from