High Pin-Count M12 Plug Connector for PCB Mounting

zo7v5wda6sfkfdseglfqPhoenix Contact is expanding its M12 flush-type plug connector range with new high pin-count designs for PCB mounting. The 12- and 17-pin flush-type plug connectors have a two-part structure for efficient assembly and angled solder contacts, which are suitable for both THR and wave soldering processes. Users therefore have the option of M12 plug connectors with universal four- to 17-pin angled contacts.

It is now possible to implement device designs with PCBs at a 90° angle to the front plate without any restrictions. There is also the option of a spring-loaded shield contact, which transfers the front plate potential directly to the PCB via a solder contact. The new plug connectors also have the Speedcon rapid interlock system and are IP67-compliant. Phoenix Contact is thus continuing to expand its “high pin-count” M12 product portfolio for device connection technology.

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