Mouser First to Stock Vishay Remote Control Code Learning IC

VSOP98260 PreamplifierMouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking the VSOP98260 remote control code learning IC from Vishay that is the industry’s first to integrate signal detection and processing into one component.

Vishay Semiconductors VSOP98260 Preamplifier Circuit simplifies the code-learning process by amplifying and shaping the signal received by the infrared emitter already present in an IR learning application. It is designed to be used together with a photo PIN diode or IR LED as optical detector. This Vishay code learning IC is compatible with all data formats for IR remote control. VSOP98260 is immune to current caused by light sources such as tungsten bulbs or fluorescent lamps. The device’s output will accurately correspond to the carrier frequency and data burst length of the input signal. This Vishay preamplifier circuit can replace up to 17 discrete components and is optimized for use in universal remote controllers, tablet PCs, and smart phones. To learn more about these remote control code learning ICs, go to