High capacity DC PhotoMOS relays for load currents of up to 10A

panasonicThe new high capacity AQZ192 series PhotoMOS relays in a slim SIL package enable wear-free, reliable switching of DC loads up to 60V and 10A.

Especially when electromechanical relays’ lifetime is too short to fulfill the application’s requirements, the advantages these new PhotoMOS relays offer come into play. By employing modern MOSFET technology for the output of the AQZ192, it is possible to realize a typical ON-resistance of just 8 milliohms. Because there is negligible loss at the output, the maximum continuous load current at room temperature can be specified with a current of 10A – an outstanding value.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Switching capacity 60VDC/10A
  • ON-resistance, typical 8 milliohms
  • Slim SIL4 package
  • Low operate current of 3mA (max.)
  • Electrical characteristics are constant
  • Fast, contact-free and silent switching
  • I/O isolation 3.0kVrms

The low on-resistance and resulting very high ampacity make the relay attractive for many applications in power electronics. Even in measurement and test engineering when constant loop resistance or a low voltage drop are vital, the advantages the new PhotoMOS relay offer are undeniable