Diodes Incorporated expands general-purpose low-voltage CMOS logic family

DI0698_Logic14PinContinuing the rapid expansion of its standard logic product line, Diodes Incorporated has announced the availability of more package options added to its four families of high-speed and advanced high-speed CMOS parts.  Provided in a choice of SO14 and TSSOP14 packages, the HC, HCT, AHC and AHCT logic families each offer 10 of the most popular logic functions in quad and hex configurations. The devices are widely used in computing, consumer electronics, domestic appliance, building control and industrial automation applications.

The quad device configurations include dual-input AND, NAND, OR and XOR gates and output enable low and high tri-state buffers. The hex arrangements comprise single input inverters, unbuffered inverters, inverters with open drains and inverters with Schmitt trigger inputs.  These are direct replacements for mature industry-standard logic devices, and utilize modern process technology to create up-to-date logic functions offering an improved power to performance ratio and enhanced ESD classification.

The wide supply voltage range covered by the new logic families, from 2.0V through to 5.5V, means they will support legacy 5V applications and can be tailored for lower voltage and lower power applications as well.  HCT and AHCT versions provide TTL compatibility and can replace 74LS bipolar logic types.  In addition, all devices include optimized inputs with hysteresis to help avoid any noise problems due to slow-rising or slow-falling signals.  Drawing less than 10µA at an ambient of +25ºC, the products also meet the needs of energy-sensitive design.

Provided in 2,500 piece reels, the 14-pin quad and hex logic packages are priced at $0.095 USD each.  Further information is available at