New EcoLine product: 320 x 240 Chip on Glass with Single chip

dm_320240eco_singlechip_wind_engine_bigThe newly available DM320240ECO-FETF-06-LEDWHITE-COG is a 320 x 240 Chip-on-Glass-Modul within the DATA MODUL EcoLine which only uses one single chip (IST3088). Therefore customers can profit from a simple handling and an easy integration into their system.

The display has outline dimensions of 136.6 mm x 106.0 mm (176.00 mm incl. FPC), a parallel interface and an operating temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. The COG module is available as FSTN (transflective positive) version with white LED backlight.

The DM320240ECO-FETF-06-LEDWHITE-COG is the latest product of the DATA MODUL EcoLine which offers a number of standard Chip-On-Board and Chip-on-Glass modules with resolution of 128 x 64 to 320 x 240. With its excellent price-performance ratio the EcoLine is the perfect alternative especially for price sensitive projects within the monochrome passive Display area.

All displays are available from stock and long-term guaranteed.

For a detailed product specification of the DM320240ECO-FETF-06-LEDWHITE-COG please click here