TFC Monolithic Filters

45MHz_filterTFC monolithic crystal filters feature excellent selectivity, small insertion loss and very high reliability.  Standard and custom designs are available as discrete and packages units.

The range includes standard 10.70MHz, 21.40MHz, 45MHz fundamental and third overtone designs. Also six and eight pole block filters with the option of matching transformers.

Quartz is the ideal resonator for selective narrow band filters providing a temperature stable, high Q resonant source together with a low mass and small size.

The TFC data includes a general range of filters available for applications with channel spacing requirements of between ±12.5kHz and ±50kHz complemented by single sideband filters and custom designs available for special applications.
The correct termination of quartz filters is of prime importance to realise the high performance for each design.

TFC crystal filters are 100% tested and for custom manufactured product a test fixture, representing the correct load, is available for verification by the customer of the load conditions by goods inwards inspection or for engineering development to correctly correlate the load conditions. Selected pairs of filters are available and also an extended working temperature range for certain filters to special order.