New capabilities for optical filters

PR00920LASER COMPONENTS are pleased to announce new capabilities for UV optical filters. Using a new sputter coating tool these new filters can achieve >80% transmission with OD5 up to 700nm, allowing for the deposition of UV oxide coating material ZrO2, transmitting in the UV down to 250nm.

Produced by Omega Optical Inc., and distributed by LASER COMPONENTS throughout Europe, the filters are successfully designed, creating over 70% transmission at 350nm with a 10nm wide band. Owing to this new technology and proprietary material selection, these filters provide higher transmissions, steeper edges and deeper blocking than previously seen. Moreover, as ZrO2 maintains a refractive index of 2.2 throughout the visible range, blocking without the use of metals can be achieved up to 700nm.

Additionally, by including a new UV gain flattening filter, extended blocking up to the FIR range can be achieved whilst still providing a transmission as high as 40%.

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