Omron’s new highly sensitive MEMS Thermal Sensor now at Mouser

MouserInfrared sensor able to identify human presence by heat detection

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking Omron’s D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor, a super-sensitive non-contact infrared temperature sensor that uses body heat rather than motion to detect human presence.

Omron has developed every component of this new sensor in-house, from the MEMS sensors to ASICs (application-specific-ICs) to ensure highly-sensitive detection. This unique MEMS technology from Omron ideally fits with Mouser’s dedication to supply design engineers and buyers with the newest products and leading edge technologies.

The D6T sensor is different from other thermal sensors in that human presence is detected by sensing body heat rather than motion. In addition, the D6T is not limited to a single contact point for measuring temperature; rather, non-contact temperature measurement is taken for an entire area. The sensor can be used in industrial applications to maintain optimal room temperature, to sense unusual changes in temperature, or to detect areas of overheating. These features make the series ideal for security systems and factory automation applications.

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