LED pilot lamps from Switchtec include anti-interference technology to stop false indication at competitive prices

SW00113-SCLPilotlampsAvailable from specialist distributor Switchtec, SCL ‘AI’ LED pilot lamps include anti-interference technology that stops the common problem of false illumination of LED lamps.  Due to their inherent nature, LED lamps can glow softly when in the so-called ‘off’ state due to residual or transient voltages.  Especially in a darkened control room, this can lead to false alarms, and to indifferent and confusing status indication – with potentially dangerous results.

As a result of the false indication problem, some panel builders prefer to stay with traditional – but power thirsty and less reliable – filament bulb pilot lamps.  Switchtec’s AI LED pilot lamps include this anti-interference technology at a pricing level that is rare to find in such an LED lamp, bringing the full benefits LED lamp technology to budget sensitive builds and projects.

Available in 16mm and 22mm sizes, the environmentally friendly lamps, dubbed PL16-AI and PL22-AI, incorporate multi-chip LED technology for very low power consumption, high brightness and a very long life of 30,000 hours.

Operating voltage options are 12 and 24VAC/DC, and 110 and 230VAC.  To cover a wide range of indication applications, the lamps are available with lens colour options of red, amber, blue, green, and white.

The lamps are through panel mounting, are supplied with locking nuts and feature a compact housing that makes them quick and easy to install and work around in confined spaces.  They are manufactured from high quality flame retardant ABS, and have an ingress protection rating of IP65 when installed into a panel.  As further protection in harsh conditions, the LED lamps are manufactured to withstand a vibration resistance of 10-2000Hz and an ambient temperature range of -5 to +40.  Accordingly they can be confidently installed in a wide range of industrial applications.

Aimed at OEMs, panel builders, general industrial companies, machinery makers, lift and hoist manufacturers, these LED pilot lamps provide benefits for a wide range of applications including control panels, machines, lift and hoist controllers, electric vehicles, and many others.

Making them suitable for multi-market and international use (exporting), the SCL AI pilot lamps from Switchtec are fully CE marked.