Avnet Embedded Launches Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touchscreen Solutions in EMEA

PCAP image 1A new era for the PCAP touchscreen market.

Avnet Embedded EMEA, a business group of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, announced the launch of Projected Capacitive (PCAP) solutions available with TFTs (Thin film transistor) from its major manufacturers. Avnet Embedded will source fit-for-purpose TFT screens from its TFT supplier portfolio, which are customisable with company logos. PCAP touchscreen solutions from Avnet Embedded will then be created to suit differing needs; resulting in a high quality design, and the best price versus performance ratio – ideal for companies looking for a value-added approach to deliver a bespoke, unique solution according to their individual requirements.

Avnet Embedded’s latest PCAP solution offers the absence of any physical buttons, meaning the devices are kept cleaner, more hygienic, and are even more durable than previous solutions. This is perfect for medical environments, especially where cleanliness is paramount. PCAP solutions from Avnet Embedded can be installed anywhere in the world due to the global reach of the companies, and can also be supplied into any industry.

PCAP provides durability, scratch resistance, hygiene, a great user experience, multi-touch functionality and fantastic image quality – perfect for challenging environments – in factories and medical environments for example.  PCAP technology is also well suited for use in harsh or outdoor scenarios such as mines or loading bays. Total cost of ownership calculations demonstrate that PCAP pays for itself over time due to increased durability and reliability, and decreased maintenance and downtime.