Rakon launches mini ultra-low noise (-180 dBc/Hz) oscillators at 500MHz and 1GHz

LNO500B2Rakon France has officially launched the new mini ultra-low noise OCSO in a 48 x 60 x 13 mm package. The new B2 model has been scaled down in size by around 50% from 76 x 76 x 23 mm and is a mechanically improved version of the B1.

The new package includes connectors and mounting pads and also provides an optional x2 internal multiplier, allowing an output frequency of 1GHz. The lower model profile and smaller package is an ideal solution when physical size counts.

The B2 grade mini LNO delivers the best Phase Noise performance in the market and the best Phase Noise floor ever reached in the 500MHz and 1 GHz frequency range! The Phase Noise is as low as -180 dBc/Hz with broad band jitter less than 2 fs. (See the Phase Noise chart).

The new design has achieved significant energy savings and has directly reduced power consumption and cost. Its maximum warm up power is now only 2.5W (reduced by over 70%), and the maximum calm air power is only 1.2W (reduced by over 66%).

The mini OCSO is the smart choice for applications that require ultra-low noise floor at high frequencies such as Phase Noise measurement, analysers, synthesisers, radar simulators, or microwave ADC/DAC applications and is specially designed for a lab environment.

The mini LNO LNO500B2 and LON1000B2 are available now!

More information see Rakon’s website High Reliability OCSO Selection, or email [email protected] to get further information and support for your next solution.