Varistors Provide ESD Protection For Capacitance Sensitive Automotive Circuits

AVX picDMTL announces the latest addition to its growing high reliability passive component offering for the automotive industry. It is the AVX AG ultra-low capacitance automotive varistor series designed to provide ESD protection in  automotive circuitry.

According to DMTL, these AEC-Q 200 qualified Automotive Sub 1pF Varistors (ASPVs) provide the fastest response times to ESD strikes with multi-strike capability and low insertion losses. Operating temperature range is -55 to +125ºC.

Based on reliable zinc-oxide technology, the ASPV devices offer ultra-low capacitance bi-directional ESD protection with 0.8pF type capacitance in a compact 0402 SMT package.

AVX has designed the AG Series for use in automotive circuits that are sensitive to capacitance such as modern automotive high-speed information systems, touch controls and displays, RF applications and other capacitance sensitive circuits.

DMTL has samples for evaluation and offers full design support via its customer engineering team.