The updated Verotec instrument case is better than ever


Verotec has redesigned its flagship Verotec case,, from the ground up. The enclosure is widely specified for applications where a stylish, modern design, high levels of functionality and outstanding technical attributes are required. The updated enclosure features an improved structural design that gives increased strength and rigidity without compromising the clean, uncluttered appearance. Verotec is ideal for high-end instrumentation applications, but it is equally suitable for applications such as telecommunications, industrial control equipment and desktop computing. If required, the enclosures can be both IP54 and EMC screened, either factory fitted under the TecServ+ added value programme or the required gaskets and panels can easily be retrofitted by the customer. The standard case provides a commercial level of RFI attenuation that should prove suitable for most applications, but if a  higher level of EMC performance is required, an EMC upgrade kit, consisting of tinned copper fingers and EMC front and rear panels, increases attenuation to 80 dB @ 100 MHz and 50 dB @ 1 GHz.

The enclosures have no visible fixings and are now available in two basic versions, the Verotec case, complete with 19” panel mountings, and the Verotec caseframe assembly, pre-fitted with KM6-II tiebars for directly mounting standard Eurocards. The Verotec case is available as standard in 1, 2, 3 and 6U heights, in 10.5” and 19” widths, with depths of 260, 300 and 400mm in all sizes. In addition, the 6U 19” case is also available in an extended 500mm depth. The caseframe version is available in 3U and 6U heights to suit standard Eurocard sizes, in 42HP and 84HP widths and depths of 260, 300 and 400mm. As standard, the case is finished in a fine texture epoxy powder coat in light grey RAL7035 or as a two-tone version with the body of the case in RAL7035 and contrasting corner trims in anthracite, RAL7016.