New 64M SPI Flash, the Industry’s Lowest Standby Current

spi flash2001 Electronic Components is now offering the latest SPI Flash from Amic Technology. With industry’s lowest standby current, the 64MB A25LQ64 SPI flash offers high performance, including high-speed reading and very fast erase times, which can be used in applications such as safety systems, medical applications, industrial controllers and set top box applications.

The A25LQ64 supports the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and features software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus while it is in single input/output mode. With high performance Normal, Dual and Quad Read outputs the SPI can clock frequencies up to 66MHz, 84MHz 104MHz respectively.

The module supports Quad Peripheral Interface (QPI) Read Mode enabling the user to take full advantage of the Quad I/O Serial Flash and Fast Read data. The Fast Read Dual Output allows data to be transferred from the A25LQ64 at twice the rate from the standard SPI devices.

When the device is not in operation, it is put in standby mode drawing a maximum  standby current of only 10µA, making it an ideal solution for any system requiring very low battery supply or battery back-up.

A25LQ64 produces a maximum low active read current of 25mA at 104MHz and 20mA low active read and low active erase/programming currents at 84MHz, translating into low-power consumption.

The high speed performance module allows the user to erase and program in ultra fast time, with a program time of maximum 3ms, Sector Erase time 150ms, Block Erase time 500ms and a Chip Erase time of 25secs. The SPI Flash contains Auto Erase and Auto Program Algorithms which verifies data at a selected sector, block or page.

The A25LQ64 SPI Flash comes in a variety of different pin configurations, 8-pin Small outline package (SOP), 16-pin SOP, 8-pin WSON and 24-ball Ball Grid Array (BGA), and is able to retain its programmed state for 10 years.

For further information, please contact Paul Forsyth, [email protected]