Plug and play dimmable LED strips from Rapid Electronics provide dazzling lighting effects

powerpax_ledDesigners enjoy working with LED strip lighting not only because of the flexibility with which they can be integrated into fixtures and fittings, but also their low energy consumption, exceptionally long life and the fact that strips can be cut to length to suit the application.

The latest LED dimmable strip series from Power Pax, now available at Rapid Electronics, have an added feature that will bring an almost equally warm glow to the hearts of buyers and designers – especially those not skilled in soldering.

Instead of a loose flex, these modular 12V strips are pre-fitted with a 200mm extension cable – including a 2.1mm male input socket. This can be connected to a compatible 12V DC power supply, which almost turns these Power Pax strips into plug and play devices. The type of power supply you will need will depend upon the length of cable run and associated power consumption. All these power supply units are available at Rapid.

1m and 5m strips are available, in five colours – cool white, warm white, red, blue and green, as well as an RGB colour changing version. Each meter of a strip contains 60 individual long life, super bright, dimmable LEDs consuming just 4.8W per meter.

The dimming function can be controlled using either the Power Pax Touch Sensitive Dimmer or Multifunction LED Controller. Simply connect the controller to the power supply and the strip input, and press the touch sensitive pad for five seconds to dim the LEDs. The Multifunction LED controller gives you the ability to control colour adjustable dimming (2 channels – 48W per channel) and RGB control and dimming (3 channels – 48W per channel), as well as additional functions including jumping, fading in and out, and pausing.

Visit the Rapid website for a comprehensive guide to these innovative, user-friendly and eye-catching power supplies. Select a suitable power supply, add accessories and  watch a video demonstrating the product.