Molex MX150 Unsealed Connector System built around the field-proven MX150 terminal system with a design-to-cost approach

Bild 128Achieves space-savings over traditional USCAR 1,50 mm interfaces and optimum performance for mid-power harness applications

Molex Incorporated introduces the MX150™ unsealed connector system for direct connect or in-line mid-power body electronics applications in the automotive industry, where space is limited, such as interior lighting, consoles, vanity mirrors, seats and door locks. Using the field-proven Molex MX150 terminal design, which is currently deployed at numerous harness manufacturers, the new unsealed connection system achieves significant space savings over traditional USCAR 1.50mm interfaces.

“The design-to-cost approach that Molex applied during the development of the MX150 unsealed connector system helped realise this high-performance connector at a competitive cost,” says Benoît Lehaut, global product manager for the transportation products division of Molex. “This was achieved through the innovative use of a TPA on the hinge, which helps minimise the number of components to produce and assemble.”

The hinged Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA) device, which is moulded as part of the housing allows simple terminal insertion and secure terminal seating. The MX150 unsealed connector system’s enlarged push surface helps improve ergonomics, allowing for convenient, USCAR-25 compliant mating and unmating. Harness manufacturers can easily access the terminal latch directly, once the TPA hinge is opened, for quick reworking or field-repairs. In addition, since standard MX150 field-service tools are employed, additional tooling charges are eliminated.

The MX150 unsealed receptacle and in-line connectors are available in 2-, 3- and 4- circuit versions as standard, though other circuit counts can be developed on request, with custom clip slots for increased design flexibility. To facilitate quick visual installation, 4 polarisation options are offered for each circuit size. The MX150 unsealed connector system offers high mating performance for mid-power (14 to 22 AWG) applications by using an integral locking latch. The reinforced front-beam terminal design provides a high contact normal force while minimising the insertion force.

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