New Binder connector from Aerco is IP67 unmated

AE 543 Binder 770 connectors from AercoNow available from Aerco is a new Binder connector with a specially designed spring-mounted lid that protects the contacts to IP67 when not connected thus avoiding the need for protective caps.

The Binder 770 Series NCC (non-connected closed) connector was originally designed for medical equipment but will also find applications in portable or hand-held measuring equipment, control devices and other applications where rapid set-up changes are required.  Product life is in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.

When the Series 770 is unmated a spring-mounted lid automatically protects the contacts from water, dust and foreign particles and when the cable plug is mated the contact cover is pushed inside the receptacle body, the contacts engage and the connector is locked with a quarter turn of a bayonet-locking collar.  The connectors have eight gold-plated contacts, are rated to 2A and 175V in solder and dip-solder versions and cater for cable sizes from 2.5mm to 8mm diameter.