Hi-Tech vs. Time-Tested Service

SupplyChainAt bisco, we are proving that while technology plays an ever growing role, the greatest generator of value for our customers is minimizing technology as a source of interaction.  With examples like Digikey, Arrow Electronics and Avnet, it’s no secret that the industry’s customer interaction model is trending towards internet technology and electronic mediums. At odds with the majority, bisco is showing that the traditional approaches can be just as beneficial to the customer’s needs.

Bisco is actively working to decrease the amount of interference that technology has created with customer communications. Email, phone and e-commerce are still being developed into top of the line technologies, but hindrances like voicemail or automated call systems during operating hours are considered a major faux pas. The objective behind this is to increase customer satisfaction and retention by connecting customers immediately to empowered team members that develop tailored solutions like price-matching, lower cost cross-equivalents, or custom kitting. As one of the fastest growing companies out of Orange County, California, bisco has seen this approach pay dividends.

This is not to say that bisco is focused only on traditional customer service. The ability of our team to efficiently serve instant quotes, expedite orders, or speed up procurement is high-tech. Task forces within bisco are constantly at work updating our infrastructure and guidelines to increase the responsiveness of customer service. This type of approach aligns the entire company with the needs of our customers.

In coordination with our optimized communication channels, bisco has created a string of supporting departments to instantaneously respond to customer needs. Once a need is identified, our state of the art ERP system notifies each of the appropriate departments to take action as quickly as possible. Specialists then take action working on specific roles ranging from creating custom credit terms to developing bin-stocking programs.

Hand in hand with our specialist support departments, is the bisco industries quality team. The team is spread throughout the organization so that each distribution center has quality officials able to interact with product and customers. Not only is bisco AS9100 and ISO9001 certified, we are also FAA certified and ITAR registered.  Our quality department is continually working with the customer base to ensure that all needs are met and requested services are supplied.

Other traditional approaches to customer satisfaction include the warehousing style that bisco follows. While other distributors are cutting internal costs by consolidating shipments to a sole location, Bisco locates its stock closest to its customer’s needs. We have six North American distribution centers that enable us to be a one day ground shipment away from almost any address. This saves our customers time and money on costly overnight shipment charges. Each of our warehouses are equipped with quality inspection centers, electrostatic discharge control and climate and humidity regulation. These capabilities ensure that our customers receive the right product in the timeliest manner possible.

Although it is a simple premise, focusing on clearly and quickly communicating with our clientele and creating the best need-based outcome has enabled bisco to continually expand at an increasing rate. Bisco currently has 400 employees, 45 facilities, 6 North American distribution centers, and 40 years of experience behind it. With ambitious plans for expansion in the coming years, customers can surely count on bisco to continuously provide industry-leading local service on a global scale.