Yageo AHA and AHP aluminium precision power wirewound resistors now available from TTI Inc.

TTI - Yageo AluminumHouseMaximum performance; direct heatsink mounting; suits power pulse applications, automotive lighting and large machinery

Yageo’s AHA and AHP Series aluminium housed power resistors are now available from TTI Inc, the world’s leading specialist distributor of passive, discrete, connector and electromechanical components.  Designed for direct heatsink mounting with a thermal compound to achieve maximum performance, they are manufactured using a special encapsulation process and materials to provide high insulation levels with minimal thermal resistance at the element.

The compact Yageo AHA and AHP Series both feature extruded aluminium housing for superior heat conduction with a gold-anodized finish that provides robust resistance to environmental conditions. The aluminium case is corrugated for added strength. They are wound to maximize high pulse capability and provide excellent operational stability (< 1 %).

Technical features include: power dissipation of 5W to 250W; resistance range of 0R1W to 3KW; operating temperature range from – 55degC to +250degC; tolerance down to 0.25%.  They are available in straight leadwire and lug/threaded style terminations.  Suitable applications include automotive lighting, traffic lights, power pulse devices, industrial electronics and elevator control panels.

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