New at Rutronik: Board-to-Board-Connector RotaConnect(TM) from FCI with 150° Rotation

APR13-RUT-FCI-RotaConnectFCI has developed the hermaphroditic board-to-board connector RotaConnect(TM) that can be rotated to any angle between +90° and -60°. A unique header contact design that contains a coined hole enables this 150 degree rotation. The connector is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

The RotaConnect(TM) connector offers significant design flexibility as the same connector is capable of providing perpendicular, co-planar or angled interconnect solutions. The hermaphroditic connector, which mates to itself, can also be placed anywhere on the PCB, further expanding design options. Due to a dual beam spring contact design, the connector delivers high-performance and reliability. Designed with a passive latch for housing retention, the rotatable board-to-board connector’s housing protects the pins and prevents mis-mating. During reflow soldering, the connector does not ‘float’.

Available with optional side brackets for increased PCB retention and optional pegs for location, the connector supports multiple mating and un-mating directions with Y and Z directional floating allowance. Featuring a 3.00mm pitch, these high power board-to-board connectors are available in positions ranging from 2 up to 14. RotaConnect(TM) is rated up to 5A with an operating voltage of 125V AC and a temperature range of -40°C up to +125°C. Therefore, it is ideal for demanding applications like control boards, sensors, actuators, rigid LED strips and automotive electronics.