Higher output power, improved thermal characteristics, ready availability – UV LEDs start to come of age

uv_montageAs prices drop, wavelength ranges broaden and power output increases so new applications are being developed using UV LEDs.

Helping users realise the potential, YEG Opto are pleased to announce availability of the Semiled range of Medium and High power emitters with power outputs from 70 – 360 mw radiometric power and wavelengths 365 to 420 nm.

Utilising in-house patented manufacturing technology (MvpLED) of die and copper alloy base, thermal management is made easier and by keeping the junction temperature lower the lifetime of UV LED emitters is extended.

ThesUV LEDs can be used in an ever wider range of applications including:

  • Life enhancing medical applications such as therapy for psoriasis to blood cleansing in cancer treatment.
  • Machine vision for process monitoring and quality control in all types and sizes of manufacturing situations.
  • Illuminators in several areas such as non-destructive testing or forensics benefit from lower operating voltages, improved portability and extended battery lifetime.
  • Curing of ink and adhesives, which was one of the first volume uses of UV LEDs and with the introduction of these high power emitters UV sources become smaller, cheaper, lighter and longer lasting.

YEG Opto offer a complete support programme for users or potential users of UV LEDs. They can advise you at the concept stage and then design and build the UV engine, propose and supply optics, thermal management solutions (including water cooling) and a complete range of LED drivers.

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