Custom batteries you can count on

Create custom batteries with the Accurpro service

Accutronics has re-branded its design and manufacturing activities as Accupro, a service that provides both custom batteries and chargers to manufacturers of portable equipment in professional markets.

Correct cell selection is critical to achieving optimal battery and device performance, so Accupro helps buyers optimise characteristics such as capacity, rate capability, cycle life and thermal performance. A a range of chemistries are available and a tailored solution may be required to meet a specific application.

Lithium ion often proves most popular, given its safety, high volumetric and gravimetric energy density. Depending on the application, Accutronics engineers can select different cathode formulations to provide the best mix of performance attributes. Cathode formations such as pure cobalt for high energy, nickel manganese cobalt for rate capability, safety and cost or iron phosphate for cycle life and power delivery are among the choices available.

Accupro caters for all sizes of battery, from small single cell solutions to large high voltage batteries with active cell balancing, impedance tracking fuel gauging and tiered protection systems.