IC solutions get a boost

Mouser Electronics is partnering with IC solutions manufacturer, Micrel, to supply its semiconductors portfolio, which includes analogue, power, advanced mixed-signal and radio frequency products. The company also produces high-speed communication, clock management, and LAN solutions.

Interesting products include Micrel’s MIC943xx ripple blocker ICs, which provide low-frequency ripple attenuation to a regulated output voltage. This monolithic IC solution is important for RF applications and designs that require a DC/DC switching converter to lower or raise a battery voltage, but whose sensitive downstream circuits cannot tolerate switching noise.

Mouser’s vice president of semiconductors, Mike Scott, said: “We are excited to offer Micrel’s semiconductors, including their LDO and Switcher product families. Our partnership will benefit customers who require the newest Micrel products and the breadth of our in-stock portfolio will benefit customers from prototype to small production.”