IP67 USB 2.0 connector with 2 GB memory stick

The new CONEC Pressbild_USBStick_breit was developed especially for harsh environments. A massive metal case covers the electronics inside and protects them reliably against mechanical and electromagnetic influences.

These new Memory Sticks can be used in data logging applications, including the areas of aviation, marine, automotive testing, offshore energy, weather station monitors, and remote pumping stations. Troubleshooting software, back up files, and system upgrades can also be loaded thru this memory stick.

Standard storage capacity is 2 GB, using a USB 2.0 interface. Working temperature range is -40°C up to 85°C. The full metal housing protects against physical abuse, shields for EMC protection, and easily withstands prolonged UV exposure.

Ultra compact, to minimize accidental damage. When mated, it is sealed to protection class IP67. One sixth turn bayonet coupling fits to CONEC receptacles.