YEG announce the launch of 4 new low profile Bluetooth 4.0 modules

BT Modules with 4 Montage 600px 300dpiYEG is pleased to announce the release of four new Bluetooth® 4.0 low profile wireless transceiver modules from Fujitsu Components to compliment their existing range of Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN Modules. These modules conform to the Bluetooth® 4 low energy standard and come with (BH7BLZ02) or without (MBH7BLZ01) an integrated antenna.

The modules are based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51822 integrated circuit. Two modules have the protocol stack and profiles embedded as standard while two are basic or blank modules (BH7BLZ02-100058 and MBH7BLZ01-100057) without any embedded stack layer software.

The integrated antenna modules are 17.6mm X 10.6mm X 1.9mm in size and the external antenna modules are 12.4mm X 9.4mm X 1.5mm.

These modules only consume 3uA in standby mode and 10.5mA in Tx mode and 13mA in Rx mode, with supply voltages of 1.8V to 3.6V.

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