Li-ion cells provide industrial power

ES July13 Pg31, 32 & 33 What's New YuasaYuasa Battery Sales (UK) has added a new range of lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells, designed for industrial power applications. Design life is 10 years and applications include UPS and standby power in industrial, telecommunications and computer datacentres, next-generation transportation systems and large energy storage systems for solar and wind power installations along with large portable power applications.

At 25°C, the new LIM50E cells provide a typical one hour rate capacity of 50Ah from a cell measuring 171 by 44 by 113mm high and weighing 1.7kg. Nominal voltage is 3.7V with operating voltage range from 2.75 to 4.1V.

The sealed stainless steel and PET insulated casing helps ensure no gas is released under normal operation and the LIM50E cells can be installed and used in any orientation.