Counterfeit detection service combats fraud

ITRI Innovation is offering a counterfeit detection testing service designed to verify electronic components. The service responds to the growth in component counterfeiting, which is exacerbated by supply chain complexity and the ingenuity of the counterfeiter.

The service is based on the latest generation of real-time x-ray equipment, which can detect discrepancies in bond wire configurations and lead frame patterns, as well as identifying the presence of a chip die.

This is supplemented by wet chemistry techniques and optical microscopy, with additional use of x-ray fluorescence and energy dispersive x-ray. These tests check the package terminations for finish compliance, such as lead in a lead-free coating.

Laboratory manager, ITRI Innovation, Dr Wayne Lam, said: “We are in an ideal situation to solve any counterfeit project at one facility and through one single point of contact. We offer a cost-effective approach and can offer non-destructive testing methods.”